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As We Age is a community that’s here to provide you and your caregivers with encouragement, education, tools and resources.

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A caregiver is someone who’s there for a loved one, providing emotional care and practical help in their time of need.

5 min read
While people with cancer face many nutritional challenges, it’s common for caregivers to have their own issues and concerns.
5 min read

Physical activity is important for health and wellness. It is also helpful during cancer treatment.

3 min read
Skin deep: Protecting the body’s largest organ
When you're living with cancer, skin care might not be the first thing on your mind.
3 min read
Move it for health

After a diagnosis, and with guidance from your doctor, regular physical activity is important...

2 min read
Healthy smoothies

Cancer treatment can affect the ability to chew or swallow...

2 min read
By being your own advocate, you can do more for your health and well-being.
4 min read
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Appetite loss is a common symptom experienced by patients...

2 min read
Anxious woman

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms experienced by patients...

2 min read

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