Remembering Paul

Remembering Paul

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"I try not to focus on my problems. I try to focus on other people's problems." That's the approach Paul took in dealing with cancer. In fact, helping others is how Paul approached his whole life, not just his cancer. It's what you might expect from someone who spent years caring for others as an emergency room (ER) technician, a girls' basketball coach and a volunteer at a homeless shelter.

In December 2014, after experiencing persistent coughing and shortness of breath, Paul underwent a CT scan that revealed a large mass on his lung. The diagnosis was stage IV lung cancer. As an athletic person who never smoked, Paul was in shock.

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Paul with his daughter and son.

Paul outside his home in Carson, CA.

Paul with his wife, Natalie, and their children, Erinn and Jeremiah.

But he didn't stay in that mindset for long. He soon transformed his fears into actionable, positive affirmations about how he would continue serving others. He also felt grateful for his care team, which included some of the doctors and nurses he'd worked with as a technician in the ER.

Paul found solace in his strong faith in God and his dedication to serving others. His loving family was also a huge support for him. Every Friday morning, his wife and two young children would welcome him home after his chemotherapy treatment. And by Friday evening, he’d be out coaching his basketball team.

Paul dedicated his life to helping others, even in the face of cancer. His legacy as a generous father, husband and coach will live on.