Ask the Doctor Video: Living With Prostate Cancer

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Welcome to ZERO the End of Prostate Cancer’s Ask the Doctor.

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Today’s topic is about living with prostate cancer.

Though prostate cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in men, most men with prostate cancer do not die of the disease. The prostate is only essential for fertility and for most men, when they are diagnosed, fertility is no longer a concern. Many men are on active surveillance without immediate treatment of their cancer, and they need close monitoring with examinations, PSA testing, MRIs and repeat biopsies as determined by their healthcare provider. Men who have undergone curative treatment need routine visits to monitor PSA for cancer recurrence and to manage any complications of the treatments. After initial recovery from surgery or radiation, a man can resume all pre-treatment physical activities. If there are problems with leakage or erectile dysfunction, there are medications, exercises, and procedures to get back to your life and daily activities. Men might also want to consider joining a cancer support group.

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Ask the Doctor Video: Living With Prostate Cancer

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