Advanced Calf Raise Exercise Video

Advanced Calf Raise
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[Matt] This is a modified version of our calf raise. With this exercise, we're going to move up to a step. So it’s very important to have something to balance yourself with, so a handrail, a wall, a chair, or the back of a couch, something like that.

What you're going to do is you’re going to go ahead and step up on the step, you can use my arm for some support. Move back so your heels are hanging off the step, and we're going to do the calf raise on the step now.

Alright, so raise up as high as you can on the toes and back down. Those heels are going to come back low, so you have more resistance now.

So this is more of an advanced exercise for the calf muscles. Good. Eight times total.

Again, very important to have something to balance with. You’re doing great, good job.

This is going to add a little bit more resistance. It's going to make it a harder workout for your calves. Great job. Two more. One and two.

And then we're going to slowly step down behind the step. Great job, Steve.

This modified version of a standing calf raise increases resistance, creating a more advanced exercise. Always remember to progress slowly and work with your doctor to decide what exercises are right for you.