Advanced Push-up Exercise Video

Advanced Push-up
Exercise Video

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[Matt] For an advanced version of a push-up, we are going to use a chair. So what I'm going to have you do is come up close to the chair.

You’re going to grip the chair firmly on either arm, there, and we're going to walk your feet backwards, so we're going to really focus on keeping your spine neutral, tightening your core, and you are going to lower your body down to the chair, and you're going to push yourself back up off the chair.

As you approach the chair, you're inhaling. You're going to exhale as you push away from that chair.

Excellent. Good positioning.

Nice job.

Alright, good. Really focusing on keeping that neutral spine. Nice straight back, keep that core tight. Alright. Excellent.

Discover an advanced version of a standard push-up, this modification uses a chair for added resistance. Always remember to progress slowly and work with your doctor to decide what exercises are right for you.