Cancer Screenings and Follow-ups Can’t Wait

Cancer Screenings and Follow-ups Can’t Wait

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Patient with doctor

Here’s a simple truth about to-do lists: making the list is a lot easier than crossing things off. Additionally, when the task is difficult, or scary, or unpleasant, it’s only human to want to protect yourself.

Cancer screenings and follow-up appointments aren’t fun, and for cancer survivors, these activities can bring up memories of a difficult time and the prospect of returning to it. Even for folks without a cancer history, screening can sometimes feel like an unnecessary burden or an anxiety trigger, especially in today’s healthcare landscape. Due to the COVID pandemic, in the coming years, estimates predict an increase in cancer deaths due to reduced screenings, delayed diagnoses and reductions in treatment. Because cancer doesn’t take breaks. It doesn’t do “pauses.” Cancer does what it wants, when it wants.

So, it’s time to make a new list—one that puts speaking with your doctor about your cancer screening and follow-up appointments at the top.

“Knowledge is power, and you deserve to have it. Empower yourself to take action and take care of your health,” says Chas, a prostate cancer survivor featured in the initiative.

Don’t wait. Call your doctor today and make a plan to keep your cancer screening and follow-up appointments.