Hamstring Stretch Exercise Video

Hamstring Stretch
Exercise Video

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[Kelsey] This is the hamstring stretch. We're going to start off with the modified version, okay? So, doing this seated you're going to want to be at the edge of your chair – perfect – and we're just going to start with one leg…

…so I'll have you bring your left leg out – perfect – and then sitting up really tall, maintaining good posture…we're just going to hinge forward at the hips, stretching the back of the leg is where the hamstrings are, here.

Perfect – and you want to maintain that flat back. Still holding for about 30 seconds to a minute, maintain steady breath. Good – and when you're done, you can bring your leg all the way back in.

Nice. Perfect, good job.

Alright, and then we're going to do the more advanced version over here.

[Woman] Okay.

[Kelsey] So standing, holding on to something.

[Woman] Okay.

[Kelsey] Or someone

[Woman] This man, alright.

[Kelsey] For balance, yeah, same thing on a single leg…

…I'll have you bring one leg up. Just your heel is going to go onto the stool here. At home you could use a chair, if you're flexible enough even a counter, or something smaller like your bottom stair.

[Woman] Okay. Great.

[Kelsey] From this position you want to maintain really good posture, and then continue to get a little bit more stretch in the back of your legs, right, you're going to roll your hips forward. Good, there you go.

[Woman] Whoa. Yes, ma’am.

So keep breathing, and when you're ready, you can go ahead and lift your foot back off, all the way back to a standing position. Good.

[Woman] Wow, I could feel that Kelsey, thank you.

[Kelsey] Yeah, nice job.


Try out this hamstring stretch that can be easily modified for different ability levels.