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Quadricep Stretch
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[Kelsey] We're going to do a quadricep stretch. I'll have you start with the more advanced version, okay? Quadricep muscles are the front of your legs here that get used a lot with walking and exercise.

So go ahead and have you – standing on one foot if possible – so holding onto the chair. Grab the end of your ankle here, bringing your heel up towards your backside.

Bring your knees in to meet, if possible. Trying to maintain really good posture.

It should be a mild to moderate stretch…

…nothing too painful.

[Woman] I can really feel it.

[Kelsey] That's good!

Alright, when you're done you're just going to release your leg all the way back down, and then you would repeat on the other side.

And we’re going to do the modified version with you. This is great for people with really tight quad muscles, right, or any sort of back injury.

So what I'll have you do is you're going to lift your foot up, using a stool or you could use a chair at home, or even, you know, a smaller stool if that worked out well. And we're going to use the laces part of your shoe to go right up on…

…to that stool. Perfect. And then same thing, you're going to bring your knee in to meet your other knee while maintaining good posture.

Great, so if we’re stretching after exercise, we want to hold it about 30 seconds to a minute to allow those muscles to fully stretch out and release.

[Man] I can feel it.

[Kelsey] Yeah, good! That's what we want. But it shouldn't be painful, right?

We want it to be a moderate stretch, you know, something that is gentle.

And then when you're done you can go ahead and place your foot right back down onto the floor. Perfect. And that’s it.

[Man] Good job

[Kelsey] Nice job.


Quadricep muscles are in the front of your legs and get used a lot with walking and exercise. Learn an easy way to stretch these muscles at home using a chair or stool for balance.