Seated Bicep Curls Exercise Video

Seated Bicep Curls
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[Matt] For the seated bicep curl, posture is very important. So, what you're going to focus on, is keeping your back straight, keeping your chest up, keeping your chin up as you do this exercise.

I'm going to give you these dumbbells, we're starting with a very light amount of weight. Elbows are going to be out to your side and pointing down…

arms to your side, bring your knees together. And we're going to have your palms facing forward.

Start with eight repetitions…

bringing the weight up and back down again. It's important to start with a low number of repetitions, such as 8, and increase gradually.

So eventually we're going to be increasing the amount of weight that you do. Good, very nice posture. Keep that chin up…

remember to breathe while you're performing these exercises. Excellent. Good job.

Focus on strengthening your arms with a seated bicep curl. This exercise is easy to modify for varying strength levels by adjusting amount of weight being used.