Seated Boat Hold Exercise Video

Seated Boat Hold
Exercise Video

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[Kelsey] Alright, so for the boat hold, seated boat hold, I'll have you sit on the edge of your chair, sitting up really tall…

I'll have you just lean back, right back, do not touch the edge of the chair.

Legs are going to be together. And then you're going to lift your legs up off the ground. It's very important to maintain steady breathing during this exercise.

This you'll hold for about 15 to 20 seconds, or whatever level you're at. For a modified version of this exercise…

I'll have you drop one leg down to the ground, starting with a single leg hold, and then alternating after…

…15 to 20 seconds – and alternate – and then, bringing back to the regular version of both legs out if you want to advance this…

…you're going to increase the leverage and straighten out your legs…

…for a much more advanced hold here. Making sure to keep breathing the whole time.

Really using your core here. Alright, nice job. Go ahead and bend your legs back down, and then you can

bring them down to the ground. Perfect.


The seated boat hold exercise aims to build abdominal core endurance while in a seated position for added stability.