Side Box Squat Exercise Video

Side Box Squat
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[Kelsey] This is the side box squat. Danté, it's great you're here so that you can show others.

On a stair at home you would use a railing to hold onto, but today I'll be here for guidance, okay?

Um, you're going to take your left foot and step it on the center of the box. Right foot is going to stay on the ground.

We want to use the lowest stair, for safety, okay? Um, what you're going to do is you're going to step up onto the box with your right foot…

…yup, and then step back down. Perfect. Alright, go ahead and do a couple more repetitions here. We'll start with about eight repetitions, working the insides and outsides of your legs – right – having a good center of balance all the way through. Nice job.

Good. For a more advanced version of this exercise, I'll have you start at the starting position, take a little bit wider step out with your right leg, and now what we're going to do is just have you pre-load.

So just do a mini squat down, and then step up onto the step.

There we go. This one is definitely more of a balance challenge here. It's going to work your legs a little harder with that pre-load of the squat.

Nice job. Good. Alright, two more. Nice work. There you go.

Of course, you'll do this on the other side, your other leg, the same exact way. Just turn around.

[Danté] Okay.


Learn how to perform a side box squat at home. This exercise can help strengthen your legs while helping you focus on keeping your balance.