Single Arm Row Exercise Video

Single Arm Row
Exercise Video

2 min video
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[Kelsey] Alright, so for the single arm row, you want to start with the weight in your right hand. Okay?

Ummm, you're going to take your right leg, place it out in front of you. Perfect.

Sitting up really tall, I'm going have you hinge forward at the waist. Perfect. This is to get your shoulders

over your knee, right – to increase the leverage.

Right arm nice and long on the side of your body.

…and you're going to bring…a little bit closer to your hip there. Perfect.

You're going to bring your elbow right up to the sky like you're starting a lawn mower and then all the way back down.

Great. Go ahead and do five more. Perfect, just like that.

Really working the back here…

…and our shoulder as well as the back of the arm. Exhaling as the weight comes up.

Inhaling as the weight goes back down.

Alright, one more, and I'll have you switch to the other side. Great! Alright, go ahead and bring your

right leg back in.

Switch the weight. Left leg out in front of you.

Right hand on the right knee. Sit up nice and tall again.

Hing forward at the waist. Left arm nice and long and left elbow up to the ceiling. Perfect, and back down. Great. Exhale as the weight comes up…

…Inhale as it comes down. Nice job.

Perfect. Ok, two more.

Focus on your breathing while practicing the single arm row. Exhale as the weight comes up and inhale as the weight goes down.