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Single Leg Press
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[Kelsey] Alright, we're going to start with the single leg press. Go ahead and bring your right leg out in front of you…

…just a couple inches off the floor, and then you're going to bring your knee into your chest. Breathing in…

…as your knee comes into your chest and exhaling as you go out.

Now, of course, you do your other side for this exercise, but I'm going to show you a little bit harder modification.

We're going to bring some weights, or anything you might have at home, to make this a little harder. Rest them right on your thigh, maintaining good posture…

…you're going to go right back into that single leg press. Perfect. And you would do this also on your other leg as well.

Now for the hardest modification, if you're ready for this – I'll take the weights from you. We're going to do a chair stand. So go ahead and cross your arms over your chest…

…sitting up nice and tall, engaging your core, keeping your weight on your heels, I'll have you stand up. Perfect, and then all the way back down.

Nice. Good. Perfect.

Single leg press exercise can be customized and made more difficult by adding weights or combining with an additional move like the chair stand.