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The free app designed to help manage life with cancer
Connect with loved ones, ask for the help you need, improve communication with doctors and stay organized, all in one place
My circle
Welcome to your circle of support

It can be challenging to keep friends and family updated. My Circle gives you a simple way to communicate with the people who matter most.

Invite your loved ones to join you on LivingWith. All you need is their email address or phone number

They’ll receive a unique code that allows them to securely set up an account and join your network

Stay connected and easily communicate with everyone. You can even ask someone to manage the app on your behalf

Request help with daily tasks

Friends and family want to help, but they don’t always know how. With Requests, you can ask for the support you need and they can give it.

Send requests for help with daily tasks—whether it’s meals, rides to doctors' appointments or other support

Your loved ones receive a notification that allows them to respond to the request based on their availability

Upcoming, accepted and pending requests appear on a shared calendar, so everyone stays organized and up-to-date

Health Notes
Get the most out of doctors’ appointments

There’s a lot to keep track of when you’re living with cancer. Health Notes makes it easy to stay organized, all in one place.

Record key takeaways from your doctor so you remember important information from appointments

Keep track of notes and questions in between appointments to improve communication with your healthcare team

Store test results, medication details and insurance documents in a central folder. LivingWith was designed with your privacy in mind. You choose the information you share.

Keep track of how
you’re feeling

Keeping up with your daily health and wellness is an important part
of your care. Well-Being allows you to sync, share and store
your health data, all in one place.

Track your mood, pain, sleep and steps, and sync data with other fitness apps and wearables

Share personalized graphs and reports of your well-being for better communication with your doctor

Update your friends and family with important health milestones and check-ins

Find resources for people living with cancer

There’s a lot of cancer information out there. With Resources, you can get reliable news and other support that matters to you.

Get news personalized by cancer type and your interests delivered directly to your device

Find local events and support groups in your community

Your personal dashboard

You can easily see what’s happening with you and your loved ones
every time you open LivingWith.

Get a quick snapshot of your important updates, appointments, news and more

Your loved ones will see any updates you’ve shared with them, as well as upcoming requests

Ask a friend or family member to be your proxy to manage your account on your behalf and see updates here

Download LivingWith for free on any device
Or get a link to download sent right to your phone