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The road to medical school can be difficult for anyone. Now imagine being diagnosed with lymphoma at the same time.
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Communication is important, but it's not always simple. On LivingWith, you can track mood, pain, sleep and steps, and sync data with other health apps and wearables.

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"I try not to focus on my problems. I try to focus on other people's problems."

Kathy's story

A sore back was the first sign that something was wrong.

Barbara's story

Barbara knows about cancer. Over the past 14 years, she's been diagnosed with ovarian, lymphoma, breast and skin cancer.

Remembering Ester Eva

Ester Eva was a beautiful daughter, a loving sister, and a wife and mother.

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Discover Support Designed for You

This Is for You is a guided online experience designed to give you the type of support you need so that you can make the most out of each day—in a way that's meaningful to you.