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[Narrator] Facing cancer isn't easy. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed, alone and unsure of how to ask for help.

At Pfizer Oncology, we're striving to change the trajectory of cancer. That's why we created LivingWith®, a free app designed to help manage life with cancer.

It's a helpful tool available for you and your loved ones. LivingWith helps you connect with friends and family, feel supported by getting help with daily tasks and to-dos, share ups and downs in your health and organize important information, all in one place.

And when managing the app may be too much, the app lets you assign someone to update friends and family on your behalf. LivingWith helps take care of the everyday details so you can focus on the big picture.

You may have a hard time keeping track of day-to-day health changes. LivingWith can help you track mood and pain patterns, sync sleep and steps with wearables like Apple Health, Fitbit and Google Fit and create personalized health reports to make each visit with your doctor more productive.

You can also stay informed through articles and videos on healthy living, nutrition and more. After an appointment, you may struggle to remember all the information your doctor shared. LivingWith helps you stay organized. You can write down questions, take or record audio notes at appointments and store photos of important documents like insurance cards, medication information and lab or test results, all in one place.

Sometimes cancer can feel isolating. LivingWith lets you create a private circle of support to help you stay connected with friends and loved ones and let them know how you're doing. You can also assign someone to send requests and updates on your behalf.


[Narrator] You may have friends and family who want to help but don't know how. With LivingWith, you can easily send requests for help with daily tasks, such as meals or rides to appointments.

You can also enter your zip code to find support groups and events in your community, including some sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

LivingWith is part of a larger program for people living with cancer and their loved ones called This Is Living With Cancer.

Hear the real stories of people living with cancer and read articles about health, nutrition and more.

Download LivingWith for free. It's available in English and Spanish.

Visit to learn more.

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LivingWith® App: Designed to Help Manage Life with Cancer

Watch this video about LivingWith®, a free app developed by Pfizer Oncology for people living with cancer and those who love them. It's designed to help you connect with friends and family, ask for the support you need, remember important information from doctors' visits and stay organized, all in one place.

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A free app designed to help manage life with cancer.

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