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[Male 1] Cancer doesn’t discriminate... can affect any of us, no matter our age, income, race, or location.

[Female] That’s why Pfizer created This is Living With Cancer, a program developed to support all people in their cancer journey... especially those of us facing challenges accessing care.

[Male 2] Get resources for older people living with cancer …

…understand the importance of screening…

…build coping skills...

...improve your nutrition and wellness…

…and find tools to help live life beyond your diagnosis.

[Female] Learn more at and download the free LivingWith® app.

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This Is Living With Cancer: Overview (:60)

Cancer can affect any of us. Discover how we can help support you in living life beyond your diagnosis.

Explore LivingWith®

A free app designed to help manage life with cancer.

Download LivingWith® for free or
learn more about the app.

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This Is For You is a guided online experience designed to give you the type of support you need so that you can make the most out of each day—in a way that's meaningful to you.

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