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All month long, we’re honoring cancer survivors. Hear from Kanesha, a cancer survivor who is empowering others to stay on top of their cancer screenings.

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Welcome to ZERO the End of Prostate Cancer’s Ask the Doctor.

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Today’s topic is about biomarkers and family history.

Most men with localized prostate cancer have no symptoms. Weight loss, bone pain and bloody urine are possible symptoms of advanced disease; therefore the early diagnosis of prostate cancer depends on routine screening using the prostate specific antigen, or PSA, blood test with or without the digital rectal examination. PSA is produced by prostate cells, but it is not specific to prostate cancer. It can be elevated due to other causes such as, prostate enlargement, urinary infection, pelvic procedures, and troubles urinating. If the PSA is elevated, an MRI scan can be used to look for suspicious lesions. In addition, tests looking for biomarkers, such as a PCM3 urine test, and 4K blood test, could be used to better determine a man’s risk of having clinically significant prostate cancer, or prostate cancer that we can, and should take action on. Based on the man’s overall health, and these assessments, a man might elect to have a diagnostic prostate biopsy.

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Funding and support for Ask the Doctor is provided by Pfizer Oncology.


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Ask the Doctor Video: Biomarkers and Family History

2 min video

Ask the Doctor Video: Biomarkers and Family History

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