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[Robin] When I got sick, when I was 12, 13, they never told me that I had cancer.

So that was like back then, they'd do things like that, like they didn't tell kids.

We have a long story. 25 years together. We got married June 2003. He supports me.

[Robin's Husband] I don't think I ever expected, when I first got together with Robin, that I knew she was a cancer survivor because she had had cancer as a teenager.

I thought it was over. I thought that was history. It never occurred to me that she would be so vulnerable as an adult.

[Robin] It was very hard for him, and he's learned how to do it in his own way which to me is amazing because he can push me to a place where I can push myself.

This is my healing room. I spend most of my time in here, and my days doing my drawings and stuff in here ever since I had my breast cancer and I had a double mastectomy.

Whenever you get through stuff, that's what it is. You get past it and you move on and you move to a different place and you grow a little more.

It's like never backwards, you're always growing.

[Robin's Husband] Things that used to be real easy, like oh, let's just go take a walk, and it's like we would walk for miles, now it's a lot more work.

We are definitely a team in that way. It's a team that we have our challenges, but we definitely collaborate and you know we've had to because Robin's had a lot of health issues.

[Robin] Our relationship has really solidified in a way I don't think it ever was.

[Director] I guess he does a lot to hold things down?

[Robin] He's doing everything.

[Director] Who is he?

[Robin] Who is he?

[Director] Yeah.

[Robin] That's exactly it, who is this guy? Who is this guy?

I had just broken up with a boyfriend. I went with a friend to three different places, three different weeks, he was there dancing, three different places.

He's dancing, his hands are wild. I'm like, "Who is this guy?"

[dramatic music]

I don't know what happens in my next steps, I'm just going. It's all a process and that's the way I love.

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Robin's story: Healing through art

In 1972, Robin was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma (then called Hodgkin's disease). She was just 12 years old.

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