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[Matt] So this exercise is the standing calf raise. We do this on flat ground, very easy to perform at home, good exercise for the calf muscles.

We’re going to start by having a narrow base, so keep our feet together.

Place one hand on my shoulder for balance, other hand on your hip, and we're going to do eight repetitions. Up on the toes, as high as you can.

One. Good. So the idea is to engage those calf muscles. Up on the toes…

…get those heels up off the ground as high as you can. Maintaining good posture, focusing on

keeping your balance.

Excellent job.

[Man] That’s better, yeah?

[Matt] Up. Up. And down. Good.

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Standing Calf Raise Exercise Video

1 min video

The standing calf raise can be performed at home. In addition to engaging your calf muscles, this exercise focuses on maintaining good posture and steady balance.

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